Antonio is our first goat, but still the biggest baby on the homestead.  He is not happy if he isn't the center of attention.

Treat stealer


Violet's first little girl, and now a momma too!  Petunia is the sweetest goat mom ever.

Head of Kid Care


No joke, Jorge only lays eggs when a goat is pregnant.  

The Magical Chicken


Equal amounts of cuddles and attitude.  She is hot stuff and she knows it. 

Lead Momma


Also Committee for Bug Control, Feathers United for Blueberry Bush Destruction, and Joint Heads of Egg Production

Directors of Noise

The Freakin' Pekins

Mitsu is a Catahoula rescue.  He can't hear a damned thing, but he takes his guard job seriously, unless toys, because toys.

Deaf Guard Dog