Our Story

Life is Baby Goats 

Our little homestead started with two goats.  Two goats eventually turned into big goats having baby goats, twenty-something Pekin ducks, a handful of chickens, more eggs than we can count, and a deaf herd dog who gets highly offended when you sneak up on him. Fortunately we like animal cuddles, because we are smothered with fur and feathers on a daily basis. It’s our fix. We are The Freakin’ Pekin Homestead...a bold family with funky ideas, and a herd of animals, living on the edge of a small dream.

We started homesteading because we wanted the best for our family. We want a sustainable lifestyle that enables us to reduce our waste and thrive on our land. It’s fun and challenging. We love a daily Easter Egg hunt, and we like knowing our food is fresh because we’ve put in an honest day’s work.

And let’s be honest about something else. We love what we do. We love our animals. We work hard to give you the best handcrafted goods on the market. Our soaps are 100% natural. We harvest and use as many ingredients from The Freakin’ Pekin as we can, like herbs, flowers, goat milk and bee’s wax. We only use natural colorants, extracts, essential oils, and infusions. We refuse to use chemical preservatives and hardeners because we don’t want that crap on our bodies. Plain and simple.  

The Freakin' Pekin isn't just soap.  It's our life.  It's our little dream.  We are so happy to share it with you, and grateful that you welcome us into your home.

Thank you,

Antonio, Violet, Mitsu, Jack, Jorge, Petunia, Daisy, Sunflower, Baby Goat, Rocky Road, Independence, The Directors of Noise, Eeee!, and The Humans.